Trendy Flag-Inspired Bikini Swimsuit for Fashionable Beachgoers

ID : NDS-J-SW2021-M703

Flag News Bikini Swimsuit is a stylish men's swimwear option featuring a global news print background with various Asian and English prints. This exclusive product from NDSwear.com offers minimal coverage, making it perfect for men who prefer a low-rise fit. For those with larger buttocks who desire more coverage, we recommend going up a size. The sides of this swimsuit are approximately 1/2 inch wide. Made from a blend of 82% micropoly and 18% spandex, this swimwear is both comfortable and durable.

Sizing options are available in inches and centimeters. In inches, the sizes range from Small (26"-30") to XXL (37"-39") with an additional $1 charge for XXL. In centimeters, the sizes range from Small (66-74cm) to XXL (93-99cm) with the same additional charge for XXL. Don't miss out on this sexy men's swimwear! Upgrade your beach wardrobe today and make a statement with the Flag News Bikini Swimsuit!


  • Stylish global news print background
  • Various Asian and English prints
  • Minimal coverage for a trendy look