NDS Wear Pouch Brief - Men's Underwear

ID : NDS-JF-8302

NDS Wear Pouch Brief, men's underwear with an ample pouch front, large pouch underwear. Soft cotton stretch fabric. This styling gives him room and freedom and makes him look great too! The side profile looks great, especially on the medium to well endowed male. Try one today, then come back for more while they last! Fabric colors include aqua blue, black or white. Sizing in inches: Small 27"-30", Medium 31"-33", Large 34"-36", XL 37-39", XXL 40-43 (add $2 for XXL) Sizing In centimeters: Small 64-74, Medium 75-81, Large 82-88, XL 89-99, XXL 100-107 cm,

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