Classic White Cotton G-String for Men - By NDS Wear

ID : LOB-400W

White Men's Cotton G-String with elastic sides and back. This comfortable pouch is made of 100% cotton fabric and features an elastic band. It is brought to you by the LOBBO brand. Perfect for those who prefer to wear something that feels like almost nothing at all. The soft cotton material provides a relaxing experience for your pouch. Feel sexy and hot with this sexy G-string. Please note that most of these G-strings have a full seam in the front pouch, while some may have a seam at the bottom half only. Rest assured, both options are equally beautiful and comfortable (assorted, cannot choose which seam it is). Imported.


  • White men's G-string with elastic sides and back
  • Comfortable pouch made of 100% cotton fabric
  • Soft and relaxing cotton material
  • Available in assorted styles with different seam options

Upgrade your underwear collection with this White Men's Cotton G-String. Experience ultimate comfort and style with the LOBBO brand. Don't miss out on feeling sexy and confident. Order now!

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