Zombie Survival Tip # 21 - Group Mens Boxer Brief Underwear

Are you prepared to survive when zombies attack? This garment will provide a useful tip to remember when the world turns into the undead. We make boxers fun with these prints.

  • Small 26"-30", Medium 31"-32", Large 33"-35", XL 36"-38", 2XL 39"-40", 3XL 41"-42".
  • Printed with new direct-to-garment print technology (not a cheap screen print)
  • Unique, copyrighted design. Printed and ships from Phoenix, AZ USA!
  • Original design.
Zombie Survival Tip # 21 - Group Mens NDS Wear Boxer Brief Underwear TOLD-HW5446-NDS-724-BlkWht-Small

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