Cruise Wear Sarongs for Men

Bringing the right attire for your trip is important if you plan on having a good time. Typically, a cruise will expect you to cover up while you're spending time on the deck near the water. You're usually required to wear more than just a bathing suit if you plan on exploring different locations inside the ship. You'll stay stylish, classy, and comfortable in a sarong. Plus, you're ready for swimming at any moment.

A sarong for men is a large loop of material worn wrapped around the waist. It's also referred to as an izar, lungi, longyi, dhoti, lavalava, pareo, and sarung. The sarong has a long history of being an everyday style of dress worn by both men and women.

When selecting a cruise wear sarong for men, avoid heavy clothing materials like denim and wool. It's smart to pack lots of clothes that you can layer. If you're leaving a colder destination, you can remove layers as you travel to the warmer destination. The reverse is true as well. If you're going to a location that's cold, you can gradually add more layers of clothing as the temperature changes.

A sarong is very similar to a large blanket or towel. There are many different ways to wrap and wear a sarong. One way that men wear the garment is to fold it in half along the long side. Wrap the material tightly around your hips, tucking the end into your belt line area.

 Lastly, grab the part of the sarong that's under your belly button and roll it down. If you were wearing pants, imagine folding the waistline downward where the belt loops are not showing. If you prefer, keep folding the top of the sarong until the bottom of the clothing rises above the knees.

There are a wide variety of styles available for men to wear, from solid colors to tribal prints. You'll likely see an Indonesian dyeing method called Batik. A sarong is a crucial piece of clothing for any man who plans on taking a cruise. If you intend on lounging around a lot, you'll want to pack a comfortable sarong or two.