Men's Underwear

Mens briefs, trunks, men's underwear including NDS WEAR sexy male undergarments. We have the best selection and styles from sexy thongs to boxer shorts and everything in
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Are you looking for a special pair of men’s underwear? We have the underwear you’ve been searching for. We have every type of men’s underwear imaginable and we have mens underwear for every occasion. Whether it’s for a casual date or one that’s a little more intimate or for that special party…we have the men’s underwear to cover you for that sexier look and feel. Our novelty underwear section has a wide variety of men’s underwear that is sure to meet your every need. Have you ever wanted a crazy Halloween costume that people aren’t used to seeing? Well, our collection of men’s underwear includes the Gold Dong Costume. Or for your wild side, we carry a Jungle Man Costume Set. You can be sure to grab people’s attention with this special piece. Another piece in our novelty men’s underwear section that is sure to grab anyone’s attention is the Elephant Thong. If you are looking for a piece for the cheerier time of year, we have the Santa Lace-Up Short and the Santa Posing Strap for his Christmas undewearOur novelty section does include many other types and styles of underwear too. Included in this section are styles such as: the DIQ G-String, the DIQ Bikini, Giraffe men’s G-String, Microfiber Backless Pouch with C-ring, Ink Blot Men’s Posing Strap and many other types of men’s underwear as well. Be sure to check out this unique section. When you go into the men’s underwear section, you will surely find the pair of underwear that you are looking for. In the men’s underwear section there are several sections which include: men’s thongs, bikini men’s underwear, men’s trunks, men’s g-strings, men’s briefs and Sheer undewear. Under the men’s thongs section we have many types of thongs. You can find almost any style including: Day and Night Eclipse, Sparkle, Denim Swimsuit, our very own NDS Wear image thong and many other unique thongs. In the men’s bikini men’s underwear section you are sure to find the comfortable style of your liking. We carry many microfiber bikini styles; see thru bikinis, camouflage, multi-color bikinis along with many other looks and styles. The men’s trunks offer many looks. We have very unique designs and patterns to fit your need of men’s underwear. These trunk styles will allow you to have that comfortable feel that you look for in the trunk style. Wow! Our men’s g-string section has what you want as well! Once again, this section also has many designs and looks that are sure to meet your needs. From the Cheetah G-string to the Rainbow G-string we have the look you are searching for. Talk about comfort, the men’s briefs section is what you need. Being an article of clothing that you wear all day long, you want the absolute most comfortable feel. When you wear your briefs from NDS Wear, you can be assured that you will have a comfortable fit that will last all day long. If you are looking for just a pair of regular men’s underwear, be sure to check out our Sheer Underwear section. Like the rest of our styles of underwear, the quality is first and foremost and its all at a price that you can afford. So whether it’s for that unique Halloween or Christmas party, the casual feel, going to the beach or that sexy look, we have the men’s underwear you want.

Copyright all text and images. We feature all types and styles for day or night. Great items for that special date or maybe a day at the gym or at work.