What is a Jock Strap? Understanding Its Purpose and Styles

Key Takeaways:

  • Definition and history of jock straps
  • Different types and materials
  • Benefits for athletes and everyday use
  • Popular styles available at NDS Wear

Jock straps, also known as athletic supporters, have been a crucial part of men's athletic gear for over a century. Originally designed to provide support for cyclists riding the cobblestone streets of Boston, the jock strap has evolved into a versatile undergarment, offering both support and style.

The Evolution of the Jock Strap

Initially developed in 1874, jock straps were primarily used in sports to protect and support the male genitalia during strenuous physical activities. Over the years, they have undergone various design enhancements, adapting to the changing needs of athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

Types and Materials

Jock straps come in several materials, each catering to different preferences and requirements:

  • Cotton Mesh Jock Strap suspensory: Ideal for post-surgical support or athletes needing breathable fabric​
  • Mesh Jock Strap: A blend of polyamide and spandex, perfect for comfort with a stylish see-through design​
  • Cotton Stretch Jockstrap: Combining cotton and lycra for flexibility and comfort during high-motion activities​.
  • Mesh Sheer Ring Jock: Features an inner elasticized ring for better lift, available in multiple colors​.
  • Retro Jockstrap: A sophisticated design with a pouch front, made from cotton and spandex for a comfortable fit. Wide elastic waistband.

Benefits for Athletes and Everyday Use

Jock straps are not just for athletes. They offer numerous benefits for everyday wear:

  • Support and Comfort: Used for and designed to keep the male genitalia in place, reducing discomfort during movement.
  • Protection: Essential in contact sports for preventing injuries.
  • Style and Confidence: Modern designs offer a blend of functionality and fashion, boosting confidence.
  • Showcasing the perfect balance of style and support, this image features a model in a NDS Wear men's jock strap under shorts, exuding confidence and comfort in a gym setting.A male fitness model wearing a stylish jock strap, posing confidently in a gym setting. The model is physically fit, showcasing the jock strap's design

Popular Styles at NDS Wear

NDS Wear offers a range of jock straps suitable for different tastes and needs:

  • Suspensory Underwear Multi-Pack: Provides optimal scrotal/testicle support, especially post-surgery​
  • Mesh Jockstrap: Combines athletic performance with a touch of sensuality​
  • Cotton Stretch Jockstrap: Offers a blend of style and comfort for everyday wear​
  • Roman Tie Jockstrap Adds a wow factor with its see-thru effect at the front ties and comfortable fit​
  • Diametric Jockstrap: Perfect for those seeking a sophisticated and comfortable undergarment​


The jock strap, with its rich history and evolution, plays a vital role in both athletic and everyday attire. Its variety in styles, materials, and benefits makes it a versatile choice for men. If you are going to the gym, match it up with our favorite weight training gloves. NDS Wear's collection exemplifies this diversity, catering to different preferences and needs. Whether you're an athlete or just seeking comfort and style, there's a jock strap for you.