Tanning Pouch Raindrop Tanning Cover for Men By Neptio®

The all new Raindrop Male Tanning Jewels Cover. This new tanning or sunbathing and even for swimming cover by Neptio® is what everyone has been waiting for.

Protects your "Jewels" from getting over heater or sun burned, like a sleeve only more comfortable and made for a man to tan or it may be worn under your kilt. This pouch raindrop cover perfectly all male genitalia with a soft and smooth fabric, while protecting your most sensitive area; at the same time providing cover, while allowing you to Tan or sunbath all natural or nude. Tan is a nude type of color. Beach cover up for men for tanning or a tanning pouch.

This raindrop pouch allows you to tie at the end once everything is in place and inside pouch, to make sure it does not slip off. Perfect for tanning salons, backyard tanning and even some beaches. May also be worn to help keep medical creams in the genital area. Originally developed over 30 years ago.

This creation is available in 2 sizes only: "One Size" fits most and XL (for those extra big boy jewels) Model currently wearing the One-Size size. Also comes in several color choices currently in Red, Black and White. New American flag-print, Light-skin, Purple, Sexy-Pink, Yellow and Silver available! Colors may very slightly form colors shown.

STYLE NPT-106 Color Assorted, pick your favorite

Fabric content: TAN 95% cotton and 5% Lycra, Others now: 82% Nylon, 18% Elastan

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