Suspensory Jockstrap for Scrotal/Testicle Support, Cotton Mesh Jock Strap - NDS Wear - 2 PACK

This revolutionary suspensory underwear multi-pack of two is perfect for supporting the testicles after scrotal surgery, such as vasectomy or testicular replacement. The suspensory is constructed of a soft, breathable cotton mesh fabric that is breathable for your testicles and scrotum, it lets them breath. This particular suspensory has leg straps, like a jockstrap or athletic supporter to keep everything in place and is not visible under clothing, inconspicuous to others. Protects and supports your scrotum / testicles from contact and rubbing between your legs. Recommended for large and enlarged testicles, hernia surgery, scrotal/testicle surgery, vasectomy relief. Available in mens

Small 29"-32", Medium 33"-35", Large 36"-40", XL 40"-44", XXL 45"-48", 3XL 49-52. 100% Cotton (excluding elastic).

Jock Strap

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