Shop NDS Sheer Wallaby Thong - A High-Quality and Comfortable Lingerie Piece for Men

ID : NDS-J-070832

Introducing the NDS Sheer Wallaby Thong, the latest addition to the NDS Wear® collection. This unique thong is made up of 90% Polyamide & 10% Spandex, providing breathability and comfort like no other. The adjustable elastic c-ring with snaps and support system adds lift and support where needed, making it a perfect fit for all body types.

But what sets this thong apart is its design. Unlike typical thongs, the back of this thong features 2 thin elastic straps that go over the hips and around the buttocks, making it very sheer and sexy. Available in White, Black, and Red, and in sizes Small, Medium, Large, XL, and 2XL (add $2USD), this thong is perfect for all occasions.


  • 90% Polyamide & 10% Spandex for breathability and comfort
  • Adjustable elastic c-ring with snaps and support system for lift and support
  • Unique design with 2 thin elastic straps for a very sheer and sexy look

Don't miss out on the chance to add the NDS Sheer Wallaby Thong to your collection. Order now and experience the comfort and sexiness that this thong has to offer!