Openside Bikini Swimsuit Patriotic

ID : NDS-J-SW2023-M0701

Patriotic Openside Bikini Swimsuit. Men's flag swimsuit, Patriotic Bikini Swimsuit Open-side. Get ready for Summer and the beach, pool, show off your flag spirit! Unique flag design, patriotic red, white and blue stripes with stars. Sexy men's bikini open side swimsuit by NDS WEAR Æ Unlined, could be underwear or swimwear. Fabric content 82% micropoly, 18% spandex Sizing in inches: Small 28"-30, Medium 31"-33", Large 34"-36", XL 37"-39", XXL 40"-42" (add $2 for XXL & XXL) Sizing In centimeters: Small 66-74, Medium 75-81, Large 82-88, XL 89-97, XXL 98-105

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