Explore NDS Wear's Exquisite Assortment of Alluring Men's G-Strings - By NDS Wear

Introducing the new collection from NDS Wear - the SEXY G-Strings that you've been asking for! These popular items are a must-have this time of year, and NDS Wear has delivered with wild and sexy prints that are sure to spice things up.

Choose from Leopard, Blue Camp, or Military-Green Camo prints - or better yet, get one of each and be stylish all week long. These G-strings are the barest essentials you should have in your drawers, providing minimal coverage on the backside while enhancing the package and keeping it all in. Whether you're wearing them for yourself or to enjoy with others, you're sure to love the perfect guy fit of the NDS Wear brand, made from 90% Poly and 10% Spandex.


  • Wild and sexy prints
  • Enhances the package and keeps it all in
  • Minimal coverage on the backside

Don't miss out on the NDS Wear Mens G-String Collection - available in two sizes, with Small-Medium fitting 28"-34" and Large-XL fitting 34"-42". Order now and experience the ultimate in sexy, stylish underwear!

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