Shop NDS Wear's Cotton Mesh Jock Strap 2 PACK for Optimal Scrotal/Testicle Support

Introducing the Revolutionary Suspensory Underwear Multi-Pack of Two, the perfect solution for supporting your testicles after scrotal surgery, including vasectomy or testicular replacement. Made from soft, breathable cotton mesh fabric, this suspensory allows your testicles and scrotum to breathe while providing the necessary support. With leg straps similar to a jockstrap or athletic supporter, it stays in place and is invisible under clothing, ensuring maximum comfort and discretion. It also protects your scrotum from contact and rubbing between your legs, making it ideal for those with large or enlarged testicles, hernia surgery, scrotal/testicle surgery, or vasectomy relief. Available in men's sizes Small 29"-32", Medium 33"-35", Large 36"-40", XL 40"-44", XXL 45"-48", and 3XL 49-52, and made from 100% cotton (excluding elastic).

Invest in your comfort and recovery with the Revolutionary Suspensory Underwear Multi-Pack of Two. Whether you're recovering from surgery or simply looking for added support, this suspensory is the perfect solution. Don't settle for discomfort or inadequate support - try it for yourself and experience the difference. Order now and enjoy the benefits of this innovative product.


  • Soft, breathable cotton mesh fabric
  • Leg straps for maximum support and discretion
  • Protects and supports your scrotum/testicles
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